24 Hours in Savannah, Georgia

Hello blogging people!! 🥳


literally just got back from my trip in Georgia and it was so fun. Six days of fun times in the sweltering heat, it can’t be beat (didn’t realize this rhymed until I started editing). Being that my family and I only had 24 hours to explore before we headed back to Atlanta, I compiled an itinerary of things to see and do. So today, I will be telling you guys about all the sights to see and foods to indulge in, when in Savannah,GA!

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College Application: Tips + Advice

Hello all, long time no see (I am terrible)!


Today I am telling you the ins and outs of college planning and how I navigated my way through it, as well as things I wish I knew going into it. I have had my fair share of  ups and downs with the college process and now that it is all over with for me I think I have a keen insight on what’s what!

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