24 Hours in Savannah, Georgia

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Hello blogging people!! 🥳


literally just got back from my trip in Georgia and it was so fun. Six days of fun times in the sweltering heat, it can’t be beat (didn’t realize this rhymed until I started editing). Being that my family and I only had 24 hours to explore before we headed back to Atlanta, I compiled an itinerary of things to see and do. So today, I will be telling you guys about all the sights to see and foods to indulge in, when in Savannah,GA!


What to See:

The iconic Forsyth Park is a MUST SEE in Savannah!! The amount of people who were here on a Thursday afternoon was pretty sizable. Needless to say, take advantage of opportunities when there are minimal people by the fountain it allows for some cute photos!


The angel wings in front of Blue Door Cafe are a definite Instagram hot spot! If you care an ounce about taking a cute photo for social media (or even yourself, I don’t judge) then this nook is perfect for you. This stop was not even planned lol, I saw it on the side of the road and coaxed my mom to pull over so we could get the perfect photo. We happened to go on a Friday morning (10:30am) therefore there was nobody there! Although my photo didn’t make it to instagram I am totally happy with how it came out!! #NoShame



The next spot, Purvana, was once again a hidden gem found by us driving past it. As we were on our way to Downtown Savannah this spot popped up as if out of the blue. Those who know me, know that I am INSANELY allergic to cat dander therefore stepping in there was risky but for the cutest lil cats I had to. Was completely ready to adopt all 16 cats. There is a $5 fee to go in and it goes to cat care/supplies 🤗!! Totally recommend this place to any and all cat lovers!


Tybee Island, there is so much to say. First off, this is literally the beach that they filmed “The Last Song” on with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth!!! I did not know this until I left the beach and I’m mad I was not able to soak that in more when I was there…Aside from that, the beach is gorgeous(!!!) and literally a dream world. The beach is free in cost, who doesn’t love that & it wasn’t super crowded when we went Thursday afternoon. Only thing you’d have to pay for is street parking. Tybee is about 25-30 minutes from downtown Savannah, score! 💃

Wind was a problem for my hair and photo posing.

What to Eat:

The days leading up to our day trip to Savannah I knew I wanted to dine somewhere with alfresco seating, more specifically a rooftop! This lead me to find The Grove thanks (in part to other bloggers posting about their Georgia trips) to good old fashioned Yelp! Similar to the other locations I have shared with you all, this place was not packed despite the reviews I read but I put in a reservation to be safe. We got there and the place was gorgeous, and they were playing good music (think along the lines of John Mayer, Vance Joy, etc.)! We ordered chips + guac — of course, mango habanero wings and Grove burgers which I believe are just regular cheeseburgers. Overall, the food was super delicious and filling! Definitely recommend this place to any of you planning your next trip to Savannah.


Unfortunately, I totally goofed and forgot to get a photo inside the coffee shop but we later went to The Coffee Fox which is right in downtown Savannah. The shop seemed very hipster which is right up my alley, lol therefore I made it a point to stop there before we went anywhere else. I ordered a horchata (iced) and a vegan cookie dough brownie (not pictured, at this point it was eaten 😔). The items I got were very tasty & the staff were super nice! Looking to get a coffee fix while in Savannah? This is your spot.

Thanks for reading this 24 hours in Savannah guide! I hope you got a little something out of this and may even check some of these spots out next time you are in the area!! Talk soon.