Welcome to my small corner on the internet!! My name is Aliya I am currently a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park studying communication with a focus on public relations track and minoring in history. Still contemplating whether or not I will add another minor or double major in something else but there’s still plenty of time.

Some things I enjoy doing are taking photos, getting into a conspiracy theory video hole on Youtube, traveling and simply eating a good bagel (New Jersey people know what I mean). I have been running this lifestyle, travel, and fashion blog for 6 years and enjoy making new creative content! I also post Youtube videos, so if you’re ever bored and looking for some lackluster entertainment check it out here!

You can typically find me going to a barre of Orange Theory Fitness class then shortly thereafter going to Starbucks and ordering a tall(!!) iced caramel machiatto. I am almost always working on my laptop, whether editing photos and videos to post here (check out my feature in Lucid Magazine and some of my photos for SEE) or answering longwinded emails! If you can’t get enough of me you can contact me here¬†or email me at adaniel1(at)umd.edu!