Antoni Porowski

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Hi all!! So as you can see, I had to the amazing opportunity to photograph Antoni Porowski when he came to my school!

For those of you that do not know, I work for Student Entertainment Events (SEE) and I am the (incoming) Multimedia Director therefore I am in charge of all things photo and video!! :’) When I heard he was going to be coming to UMD I was pumped because I — like most of you — watch Queer Eye and enjoy the show so much! I was super excited to photograph him and eventually talk with him afterwards. Antoni is one of the nicest people out there he is so welcoming and even cuter in person lol. Check out the pictures from the event below!



We were taking a “normal” smiling photo and he turned to me and said “let’s take a silly one” and this is one of the photos as a result of that lol. So happy I was able to meet him and additionally take some cool photos!! Thanks to Antoni for coming, to my peers at SEE for putting on another awesome event and to you all for reading this!! Talk to you guys soooooon :’)


Photos taken by Aliya Daniels