Brunch at Squirrel and the Bee

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My sister and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit a local healthy cafe in our area, and we had zero regrets.

Walking into the cafe you could immediately smell the freshly baked goods (all of which are not vegan due to the inclusion of honey) and sounds of smoothies being blended.

The board on the wall had a ton of facts about their menu standards and such which was nice to see because I hardly ever see them. I have recently been very interested in taking up a more health conscience diet and seeing exactly what goes into my food and the purpose behind it was nice.


After taking a daunting five minutes to decided one thing to get I ultimately ordered an iced tea and a ‘splendid blended bowl’ in the flavor tropical. The bowl was a mixture of all tropical fruits with banana, mango, pineapple and granola on top.

In total it was pricey but I anticipated it for what I was getting.


As soon as we got a table people began to pile in by the masses. The line was extended to the door, and didn’t show signs of letting up.


While we were sitting down eating, the cutest pug in an even cuter jacket, came over to us and was looking for a treat. Unfortunately, we had nothing to offer but she still licked out hands and is now one of our pals. The vibe at Squirrel and the Bee is so causal that nobody even minded the fact of a dog walking around and I was totally okay with it.


I mean, cmon how cute.

For people looking to take the vegan/paleo/gluten-free etc. diet home, they had a well stocked array of items to choose from.


There was an abundance of granola, in flavors I didn’t know were a thing (?) but looked delicious, coffee and locally sourced honey as well as other options. I know personally that I will definitely come back and try the pumpkin spice granola in the fall.



On our way out they had a very cute ‘Selfie Sweet Spot’ where you could take a photo and share it with Squirrel and the Bee in order to win ‘something sweet’. I thought the idea was quirky and cute, perfect promotion.

Overall I loved the cafe! It was the perfect brunch spot/ cafe hang out if you’re looking to study or just relax with a friend over a cup of coffee (vegan of course). People looking to educate themselves on a healthy lifestyle alternative should definitely stop by!


Thanks for reading!