Downtown, Washington D.C.

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Hey all!! Spent the day in D.C. with my roommate Audrey and it was a time!

Starting out the trip we took the metro (my first time so proud!) to the Gallery Place stop and walked over to City Center.

The string lights infused with the umbrellas is also the ultimate mood. Fall really stepped up.

If you’re super into instagram and having some cute photos, I would 10/10 recommend! Right now it is decorated with umbrellas but they change the over hang over every month or so!!


Your roommate goals and denim jacket aspirations.

In City Center there is also a large monitor with cool graphics so of course I had to snap a photo in front of it. Why am I like this? We don’t know.

The next move was to the National Portrait Museum because if you guys know even the most minimal facts about me, it is that I am in love with Barack Obama and bring him up in any conversation I can, therefore I had to see his portrait in real life and take it in!


Wig: snatched. It looked even more incredible in real life; I wish I had the tiniest bit of artistic ability.

Michelle’s portrait looked equally as amazing and everyone who stood around was gawking at how incredible she was portrayed.

Then we made our way over to the non-portrait side of the museum and saw the electronic USA map. I ALWAYS see people post it on Instagram and I was always so jealous like drop the location!!! But now that I have found it, I feel like I am on the ~in~ crowd.


When the USA is so thicc that you cant fit the whole one in frame.

Next up we really wanted to go to the botanical garden and take some cute pictures (of course) but unfortunately it was going to close within minutes of us getting there. So we figured what else is super downtown D.C. that we could do? That’s right, take pictures in front of the Capitol building.

Y’all know I am that political girl, and Audrey is just as equally fired up as myself so this photo session was warranted.


Bonus photo: me laughing at how corrupt our government is and how the only thing we can do is be active and vote November 6 and if you can’t vote get involved in ANY congressional/senate race!!


Thank you so much for reading and engaging.  Of course I vlogged this trip!! Video down below 🙂