OrangeTheory Fitness: Review

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FINALLY!! I can tell you all about my latest obsession.


Hi guys! Once again, I am the worst for being away for >4 months but do not fear, it is summer and I am back.

This post is long overdue; I recently (within the last 2 months) had the opportunity to take an Orange Theory Fitness class in my college town and wow am I hooked. My friend Izzy had been raving about it for weeks and after some light convincing my friend Julia and I were ready to approach the 60 minute class with our best foot forward!


We arrived about 20 minutes early (I was late as usual) so that the OTF team could essentially give us a rundown of what to expect during class. They then handed us heart monitors, which were the coolest part of the whole thing might I add. It tracked heart rate, how many calories were burned, as well as “splat points”. The workout it self wasn’t bad and thats coming fromĀ me!!


It was an interval based workout between: weights, rowing machine and treadmill. When you are focused on the workout, blaring music and coach’s instructions you don’t think about how much you are sweating or how tired you are and I love it!!


My friends and family definitely think I am crazy for obsessing over a new workout but OTF is truly where it’s at. This isn’t even sponsored I am just this passionate after one workout haha (I wish it was though, OrangeTheory hit me up). My friends that I went with also really enjoyed themselves and we are already planning to go back upon arrival to school.


In conclusion, if any of you are in the College Park, MD area or Northern NJ area and want to try OTF and need a seasoned veteran in the field (I really am not but for intents and purposes) to go with then I can definitely be your gal. I can’t wait to go back again and feel like I somewhat have my life together!


Anyways, talk to you all reeeeal soon